This rare Georgian grape is mainly used for the iconic naturally sweet wine Khvanchkara, known for its enchanting aromas of berries and flowers, as well as for its subtle sweetness matched by freshness.

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Aleksandrouli is a rare indigenous grape which constitutes the backbone of the famous Georgian Khvanchkara wine. This iconic semi-sweet wine has gained a cult following worldwide. In fact, rumour has it that even notorious Joseph Stalin could not resist this unique wine – it was allegedly his favourite (don’t let that put you off though). Khvanchkara’s international acclaim is well-deserved – this elegant wine enchants you with floral scents, velvety texture and a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. Aleksandrouli grape is also used in dry red blends.

Ripe Aleksandrouli grape
Behind Aleksandrouli wine: vineyards in Racha Lechkhumi, Georgia

Aromas And Styles

The number one wine made of Aleksandrouli is undoubtedly Khvanchkara. This late-harvest wine is a must try for those who like a glass of something sweet after dinner, with their desert or a cheese board. In addition, we do suggest trying Khvanchkara with spicy Asian food. Inviting aromas of violets, ripe raspberries, plums and cherries are matched by velvety texture on the palate. What’s striking is that the wine is not overly sweet and leaves a sensation of freshness in the mouth. Aleksandrouli grape may also be added to dry red blends, making fragrant wine with robust structure and potential to improve in the bottle. For both sweet and dry versions Aleksandrouli walks hand in hand with its cousin Mujuretuli, Indeed, these two grapes dance like in tango – heart to heart.