Meet the Armenian big bold red. Hakhtanak wine is typically full-bodied, masculine and rich, with flavours of dark fruits and spices and a tremendous ageing potential.

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Hakhtanak, which translates as “victory”,  is primarily grown in the Ararat region in west-central part of the country. This versatile grape variety is named amongst the most promising in Armenia.

This late-ripening variety achieves high sugar levels and can be used for both sweet and dry wines. The flash and juice of this grape are both red, which makes Hakhtanak a teinturier grape.

Teinturier, from the French word ‘dye’, refers to a type of grapes which have black skin and red pulp. Hakhtanak makes rich full-bodied wines which are sometimes compared to Cabernet Sauvignon.

Ripe Hakhtanak grape
Hakhtanak wine by Voskevaz winery

Aromas And Styles

Hakhtanak is a type of wine which makes a statement. It’s masculine, full-bodied and powerful. It captures your palate with its ripe tannins, its robust structure and its rich flavours of blackberry, blackcurrant and plum. Oak ageing enhances this wine with exquisite notes of spices, toast and coffee, as well as elegant smokiness and creamy texture. Hakhtanak is used to produce a wide range of wine styles – dry, sweet and fortified. It is also a wonderful addition to red blends, bringing structure, body and character. In addition, Hakhtanak wine usually shows tremendous ageing potential, as such it is a great wine for cellaring and collecting.