For decades, Kangun has been the key grape used for Armenian brandy. Today, this grape variety is experiencing a second birth, making strikingly aromatic whites. A well-made Kangun wine enchants with aromas of fruits and flowers.

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Kangun is a white indigenous variety which is much loved by the Armenian winemakers for its striking aromatics, as well as for its resistance to frost, pests and various diseases. In fact, this grape got its name for its ability to withstand difficult growing conditions. Kangun in Armenian means ‘firmly standing’.

For decades Kangun was mainly used to produce Armenian brandy. However, it was only a matter of time that Kangun got the attention it deserves.

Today, more and more winemakers are turning their attention to Kangun wine, thus this Armenian variety is experiencing a true renaissance. Local wineries are making stunning flavour-packed dry white wines out of Kangun, as well as using it in dessert wine production. Kangun is mainly grown in Ararat region, but is becoming increasingly popular across all of Armenia.

Harvested Kangun grapes
Ripe Kangun grapes

Aromas And Styles

Kangun makes remarkably powerful white wines, with ample freshness and bright aromatics. With notes of tropical fruit, wild flowers, honey and, in particular, quince (Kangun’s signature flavour), these wines are pure summer in the glass, cheerful and crisp. While Kangun is still widely used for production of Armenian brandy and we do very much like the results, dry wines made of this variety are an absolute must-try, especially for those who like aromatic whites, such as Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier. Kangun makes great pairings with roast chicken, creamy pastas and a variety of cheeses.