This rare Armenian Muscat with gorgeous aromas of tea rose petals and tropical fruits can easily rival its Old World counterparts. Muscat Vardabuyr wine comes in both sweet and dry styles and, regardless of the sugar level, it always creates an utterly decadent experience on the palate.

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Muscat Vardabuyr is a very rare Armenian wine grape. It is believed to have an ancient history, though its exact origins remain unknown. A common theory suggests that Muscat Vardabuyr can be related to other Muscats grown in Europe. In fact, some of the researches even believe that the Armenian Muscat could be an ancestor of the famous French variety, Muscat Blanc a Petit Grains. While these theories are yet to be proven, the distinctive aromas of Muscat Vardabuyr wine certainly resemble some of the best Old World Muscat expressions. 

Muscat Vardabuyr grapes can rich high sugar levels while maintaining a good acidity. This, in addition to the elegant perfumed aromas of tea rose petals and candied fruits, makes this grape perfect for sweet wine production. However, dry versions of Muscat Vardabuyr are absolutely stunning and are real gems of the Armenian winemaking.

Ripe Muscat Vardabuyr grapes
Muscat Vardabuyr wine in glasses

Aromas And Styles

Most wine aficionados have tasted or at least heard of sweet Muscats, which are widely loved for their perfumed aromas and their perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. However, not many have ever tried dry Muscats. These wines are rare gems where the seductive sweetness of flavours is complemented by mouthwatering freshness on the palate. Dry Muscat Vardabuyr wine ticks all the boxes: it bursts with enchanting sweet aromas of tea rose petals, acacia, lychee, honey, sultanas and citrus fruits. At the same time, it is vibrant and fresh in the mouth.

In addition, Muscat Vardabuyr makes an excellent fortified wine with decadent flavours of honey, dried apricots, lemon peel and marzipan matched by a rich texture and a mouthwatering sensation on the palate.

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