If Areni is the king of Armenian grapes, Voskehat is definitely the queen. This white variety makes stunning full-bodied wines with a creamy texture and an array of fruit and pastry flavours.

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Voskehat is the signature white variety of Armenia. This ancient grape with a rather poetic name (in Armenian ‘Voskehat’ means ‘golden berry’) is over 3,500 years old. Supposedly, Voskehat originates from Ashtarak region of Armenia. Traces of this indigenous grape were found in ancient amphorae discovered at Teishebaini fortress, which dates back to Urartu Kingdom (8th Century BC). This means that Voskehat wine was most likely drunk by the kings of Urartu! 

Today, Voskehat is widely spread across the country. Some of the vines have reached an impressive age of 150 years old while still being fruitful. 

Ancient karases with traces of Voskehat grapes discovered at Teishebaini fortress (Urartu Kingdom, territory of modern Armenia)

Aromas And Styles

A well-crafted Voskehat wine will captivate you with its full body and its complex flavours. These white wines boast crisp acidity, freshness and an array of aromas: apples, pears, apricots, peaches, citruses and floral notes, as well as freshly cut grass.

When it is fermented in traditional Armenian clay amphorae (“karas”), it becomes an absolutely irresistible full-bodied white with fruit flavours accompanied by notes of honey, hints of toast and brioche.

Voskehat also performs outstandingly well when it is vinified or aged in oak barrels. The wine obtains seductive notes of pastry and a creamy texture really, becoming somewhat similar to the best examples of rich, oaked Chardonnay. 

No one would argue that the kings of Urartu undoubtedly had brilliant taste!

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