The main black grape of northern Bulgaria, Gamza makes lush juicy red wine with generous aromas of red berries and a robust structure.

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Gamza wine may be better known to the western consumer as Kadarka, which is the second name of this grape variety. The exact ancestry of Gamza, a.k.a. Kadarka grape remains a mystery, however it is most likely to have originated from somewhere in the Balkans. One of the hypotheses suggests that Gamza was born in Hungary, while other theory claims that it comes from somewhere on the border of Albania and Montenegro. 

Nevertheless, Gamza has been grown in Bulgaria for many centuries, thus it can be considered an indigenous Bulgarian variety. Gamza grape strives in cooler climates. Therefore it is widely cultivated in the north-western part of the country, close to the Danube River. Gamza is also a popular grape in other Central European and Balkan countries, in particular in Hungary and Romania.

Ripe Gamza grape
Gamza vineyards at harvest time

Aromas And Styles

Gamza grape makes medium to full-bodied wine with a vivid ruby colour, distinctive freshness and tart berry flavours. A well-made Gamza wine bursts with bright aromas of raspberries and cherries which are enhanced by notes of black pepper and backing spice, as well as some savoury flavours. In the best years and when the yield are restricted, Gamza wine combines robust tannins and a deliciously fresh, juicy palate. Gamza makes a wonderful pairing with pork dishes, as well as with duck and tomato-based sauces (think pasta and pizza!). 

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