One of the most exciting projects of the Bulgarian wine scene, Georgiev & Milkov combine fresh ideas and a modern approach with respect for the local winemaking traditions and the indigenous grapes. The resulting wines are effortlessly stylish and show a real sense of place.

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About Georgiev & Milkov

Georgiev & Milkov wine project came to life thanks to the long time friendship of two oenologists, Petar Georgiev and Radostin Milkov. They gained their experience working at wineries around the world, from Austria to New Zealand. However, they both dreamed of making world-class wines in their homeland, Bulgaria. In 2014 Petar and Radostin joined forces and thus one of the boldest wine initiatives of modern Bulgaria was born.

The winemakers decided it was high time that local varieties like Мavrud and Rubin got the attention they deserved both from the wide public and the wine experts. So they set on a journey through the wine corners of Bulgaria in order to find grapes from pristine terroirs.

As a result, today, Georgiev & Milkov source their grapes from 40 year old vineyards of Mavrud and another 40 year old vineyard of Rubin. Both plots are located in the Plovdiv region, in the Thracian Valley. This part of the country has ancient winemaking traditions dating as far back as 4,000 BC. In fact, Thracian Valley is even claimed to be the birthplace of Dionysus, the ancient Greek god of wine.

Radostin Milkov, one of the two winemaker behind Georgiev & Milkov wines

From Vines To Wines

Georgiev & Milkov combine the ancient traditions with modern winemaking approach, making effortlessly stylish wines with a real sense of place. Their wines reveal the beauty of Bulgarian indigenous grape varieties.

The grapes are hand picked and hand sorted, spontaneous fermentation happens in small tanks with constant temperature control. The wines are aged in a mixture of Bulgarian and French oak barrels and the resulting quality is truly impressive.

Georgiev & Milkov Pet Nat wine is gorgeously fruity, with an impressively persistent fizz, while their hand-pressed Rubin is elegant, silky and luxurious on the palate.

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