Keratsuda is an extremely rare Bulgarian white grape which has an ancient history, but was almost forgotten. Nowadays, several Bulgarian winemakers are experimenting with this variety, making light aromatic wines, both white and orange.

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Despite the fact that this grape has a long history, Keratsuda wine remains a rare find. This white indigenous variety is most likely to have originated from the banks of the Struma river, which runs through Bulgaria and Greece. In fact, the name ‘Keratsuda’ comes from the Greek language and means ‘girl’.

Sensitive to winter frosts, but resistant to heat and drought, Keratsuda is a perfect fit for the warmest parts of Bulgaria. This late-ripenning variety produces thick-skinned grapes with high sugar levels and bright aromatics.

For many decades, Keratsuda has been flying under the radar, being mainly used for house wine or as a table grape. However, in recent years, some of the Bulgarian winemakers started experimenting with Keratsuda making charming aromatic wines with a summery character.

RIpe Keratsuda grapes
Harvest of Keratsuda grapes in Bulgaria

Aromas And Styles

Keratsuda wine typically boasts a beautiful golden colour, as well as a light and fresh character. These wines are bright and captivating on the nose, packed with flavours of ripe pears, apricots and spring blossom. Keratsuda grape typically has moderate acidity which makes it great for orange wine production, as acidity does not contradict the tannins found in orange wine. When fermented on the skins, Keratsuda wine becomes amber in colour and full-bodied. The aromas are enriched by the notes of orange marmalade, almonds, tea leaves and various spices.  

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