Founded in 2013, Libera Estate is a relatively new project of the Bulgarian wine scene. The estate focuses mainly on the indigenous Bulgarian grapes, combining local traditions and modern winemaking techniques.

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About Libera

Named after an early Roman goddess of wine, Libera wine comes from western Bulgaria. The vineyards are found in the picturesque Struma Valley. This part of the country has a long winemaking history. In fact, wines have been made in the Struma Valley since the Thracian times over 5000 years ago. The valley is bordered by Macedonia to the west and Greece to the south. It takes its name from the Struma River which runs through it. This historic location is home to a number of boutique Bulgarian winemaking projects, including Libera Estate.

Libera estate vineyards and winery building
Grape harvest at Libera Estate

From Vines To Wines

The Struma Valley is also known as one of the warmest parts of Bulgaria. This is partly due to the Mediterranean Sea which is just a couple of hours away, therefore the warm Mediterranean influence is strong in this part of the country. The winters are mild and the summers are hot, while the surrounding mountains protect the Struma valley from cold winds. Produced from sun-kissed grapes, Libera Estate wine is powerful and bold, bursting with flavours of ripe fruit and spices.

Jivko Enchev, winemaker at Libera Estate

Libera Estate vineyards are over 25 years old and the grape varieties are mainly indigenous. The principal black grapes are Melnik 55 and Broad Leaved Melnik. Some of the white varieties include Sandanski Misket, Dimyat as well as the extremely rare Keratsuda. The latter is used to make a beautifully fragrant and rich orange wine, Libera Orange Keratsuda.

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