The pride of Bulgarian winemaking, Mavrud makes full-bodied red wines with striking aromas of blackberries and dark cherries, as well as an excellent ageing potential.

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Mavrud is an indigenous variety which has been grown in Bulgaria since ancient times. It is also one of the most famous and internationally acclaimed Bulgarian grapes as it has a very distinctive personality and a good potential for ageing. Supposedly, Mavrud grape originates from the Thracian Valley in the south of the country. This variety is not resistant to cold temperatures and thrives in warmer parts of Bulgaria, particularly in Plovdiv region. The word “Mavrud” comes from the Greek word for “black” which refers to the wine’s deep ruby-purple colour. Mavrud wine is typically full-bodied, tannic and powerful with an excellent ageing potential.

Ripe Mavrud grapes
Mavrud grapes at Rumelia vineyard

Aromas And Styles

Mavrud wine certainly does not lack character and personality. It typically shows concentrated flavours of cherries and blackberries, often stewed, along with some spiciness and lush chocolate notes. These aromas, as well as the deep purple-ruby colour, makes Mavrud wine somewhat similar in style to Malbec. The tannins in Mavrud wine are ripe and abundant and the acidity is fresh. When aged in oak, Mavrud obtains a dense and harmonious taste, with exquisite notes of cedar and smoke. With robust structure and high alcohol level, this powerful wine has a great potential for ageing, therefore Mavrud is a great wine for cellaring.

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