This small family run winery preserves the long-standing winemaking traditions of the Struma Valley and makes expressive fruit-driven wines out of native Bulgarian, as well as international grapes. Orbelia wines are packed with flavours and show plenty of warm southern character.

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About Orbelia

Orbelia wine appeared on the Bulgarian wine scene relatively recently. This small family-run winery was founded in 2013 by a Bulgarian entrepreneur, Kostadin Chorbadzhiyski who decided to pursue his passion for winemaking. The winery is located in southwestern Bulgaria, next to the village of Kolarovo, at the foot of the picturesque Belasitsa mountain. ‘Orbelia’ is the mountain’s ancient name, meaning snow-white. This region has a long standing viticultural tradition which dates back to the times of the Thracian civilisation.  

Founder of Orbelia Kostadin Chorbadzhiyski and his wife
Orbelia winery building

From Vines To Wines

Orbelia winery holds 15 hectares of 37 years old vines in the villages of Mitinovo and Starchevo, found close by. This part of Bulgaria has a long-standing viticultural tradition. Wines have been grown here since Thracian times over 5000 years ago. The Chorbadzhiyski family aims to preserve the winemaking traditions, as well as to showcase Bulgarian gastronomic and cultural heritage. The winery and the adjacent guesthouse boast beautiful authentic Bulgarian interiors. It goes without saying that all guests are treated with delicious local dishes accompanied by the fabulous Orbelia wine.

Orbelia wine cellar

Orbelia grows indigenous Bulgarian grape varieties, such as Broad Leaved Melnik, Early Melnik (a.k.a. Melnik 55) and Sandanski Misket, as well as a number of international grapes, such as Cabernet Franc. The grapes are hand picked and go through a rigorous selection process. Only the best quality fruit make it into the fermentation vessels. As a result, Orbelia wines are packed with deliciously ripe fruity flavours and show plenty of warm southern character.

Orbelia wines