Described as a man wearing a suit and cowboy boots, Rubin is one of the most exciting Bulgarian grapes. It is capable of making refined red wines with a robust structure and a good ageing potential.

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Rubin is a successful cross between the Italian garpe, Nebbiolo and the French variety, Syrah. The cross was created in the 1940’s in the Institute of Wine and Vine in the city of Pleven, Bulgaria. Rubin quickly gained popularity, and the vines were planted across the country.

The secret of Rubin’s success with the winemakers is that this grape is relatively easy to handle. It ripens early, achieving good sugar levels and ample tannins. However, for a long period of time, Rubin was either used to produce sweet wines or it was blended with other varieties. Only in the last couple of decades Bulgarian winemakers started making dry wine made out of this variety. 

Ripe Rubin grapes
Rubin vineyard, Bulgaria

Aromas And Styles

Rubin is sometimes described as a man wearing a suit and cowboy boots. This is because Rubin wine typically displays refined aromas of violets, ripe berries, plums and herbs. This elegant flavour profile is combined with grippy tannins and a robust structure. When vinified in a careful way, with a delicate extraction, Rubin wine is fresh, elegant, with well-integrated tannins. It also performs great when it is aged in oak. Depending on what type of oak is used, Rubin may obtain subtle coffee and espresso-like notes, along with seductive vanilla flavour. As it is never short of alcohol and tannins, Rubin wine shows its best after a few years in the bottle.