Located in the picturesque Thracian Valley, Rumelia winery is famous for its delicious wines made of Mavrud, the most acclaimed Bulgarian grape. Sourced from organically farmed vineyards, Rumelia wines are generously fruity, with ripe tannins and a loads of berry flavours. 

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About Rumelia

Rumelia wine cellar was established in 2005 in the town of Panagyurishte, located in the south of Bulgaria. This historical town is world famous thanks to the astonishing Panagyurishte golden treasure – a unique monument of the ancient Thracian civilization. Panagyurishte treasure is a set of dishes, masterfully made of solid gold. It was accidentally discovered in 1949, just next to the town of Panagyurishte. Further research showed that the treasure dates back to the 4th – 3rd Century BC. Presumably, the golden dishes belonged to a Thracian king and were used as a ceremonial wine drinking set. Thus, the winemaking traditions of this part of Bulgaria are more than two millennia old.  

Part of Panagyurishte Golden Treasure discovered next to Rumelia Wine Cellar
Rumelia Wine Cellar building

From Vines To Wines

Fast forward to modern winemaking history, Rumelia Wine Cellar aims to preserve the beauty and the character of this land in its wines. Rumelia’s 54 hectares of vineyards are planted just next to the town of Panagyurishte, around the village of Smilets, which also boasts an ancient history traced back to the Thracians. The winemaking team chose this location after a number of studies of the soils, terrain exposure and weather conditions. This area is mostly flat, however vineyards are located on hilly terrains, at the foothills of the mountain known as Sredna Gora.

Rumelia wine cellar with oak barrels

Warm temperatures throughout the year, as well as sand-clay soils are perfect for black grape varieties. Therefore, Rumelia is primarily famous for its award-winning Mavrud wine, which is generously fruity, with ripe tannins and a loads of berry flavours along with notes of sweet spices. Rumelia vineyards are organically farmed and most of the work, including harvesting, is done manually. This results in a very thorough selection of grapes which, in its turn, leads to a consistently high quality of Rumelia wines.

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