It doesn’t have to be alcohol to be rock’n’roll, says Amanda Thomson, founder of Thomson & Scott. Their Noughty alcohol-free sparkling wines are amazingly flavourful and as close to the real thing as you could imagine. At the same time, they are healthy, sustainable, organic, halal and low-sugar. 

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About Thomson & Scott Noughty

Historically, alcohol-free wines have had a poor reputation among wine experts. They either did not taste of anything or they had too much added sugar – in order to cover up for lack of flavour. This was the case until Thomson & Scott launched their game-changing Noughty wine – organic alcohol-free sparkling.

The critics and press have been unanimous, describing Noughty wine as the best no-alcohol sparkling they have ever tasted. “The Independent” calls Noughty sparkling “beautifully rich and intense” and concludes that, “When it comes to booze-free fizz, Noughty is as close to the real thing as we’ve found.” Similarly, Tamlyn Currin, a wine expert and reviewer for says: “It is, hands down, the best alcohol-free sparkling wine I have ever tasted, and one of the best alcohol-free wines I’ve tasted overall.”

Noughty alcohol-free rose sparkling wine
Amanda Thomson, founder of Thomson & Scott

Amanda Thomson, CEO and Founder of Thomson & Scott, was voted one of Business Insider’s Coolest People in Food & Drink 2019. Raised on a plant-based, no sugar diet by her health-conscious mother, Amanda has always had a keen interest as to what’s in her food. Formerly an Arts Broadcaster at the BBC, Thomson moved her young family to Paris and studied for her Diploma in Wine at the renowned Le Cordon Bleu School. Soon Amanda launched her own company planning to make both low and no alcohol wines. Eventually zero alcohol sparkling became her entire focus. Thus, Noughty wine range was born.

From Vines To Wines

The grapes for Noughty wine are sourced from organically-grown vineyards in southern Spain. The winemaking is traditional, in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks. The unusual part begins after the wine is made. To remove the alcohol, winemakers use an advanced technology called vacuum distillation. They transfer wine twice through a specially constructed distillation column which makes all the alcohol evaporate. 

Naturally, along with the alcohol, some aromatic compounds also get lost during the process. This is why an ‘aroma recovery’ follows. This involves maceration on the skins for several hours. Afterwards, the wine is lightly carbonated. 

Noughty wine range

Thomson & Scott Noughty sparkling wines are certified organic, vegan and halal. The company aims for a transparent and sustainable business, which is proven by their B-Corps certification. Specifically, B Corporations (or B Corps) are a growing group of companies who are reinventing business, by pursuing purpose as well as profit. Today Noughty wines are served in top bars, restaurants, hotels and spas across the world including Australia, Europe and the U.S.

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