Kisi is a highly aromatic indigenous Georgian variety. It makes outstanding orange wines when vinified in qvevri, as well as fragrant European-style whites when crafted in a conventional way.

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Kisi is a rare but a rather exciting indigenous white variety. It comes from the Kakheti region in the south-eastern Georgia and is at least several centuries old, though its exact origin remains unknown. A well-made Kisi wine is gorgeously fragrant, with notes of flowers and stone fruit. 

Despite its potential to produce high quality wines, during the Soviet era Kisi vines were widely replaced by the more productive and easier-to-grow Rkatsiteli grape. As a result, Kisi plantings became almost extinct. Nowadays, Kisi vineyards are gradually being restored now with more and more winemakers turning their attention to this promising grape. 

Ripe Kisi grapes
Orange wine made of Kisi grape

Aromas And Styles

Kisi makes stunningly aromatic dry wines with captivating notes of flowers, dried pears and apples. The most amazing feature of this beautiful indigenous grape  is that when you smell Kisi wine, you are almost entirely sure that it is going to be sweet. But then you taste it and surprise! –  it is dry and refreshing. At the same time Kisi wine overwhelms you with an extensive range of flavours.

Kisi is often vinified in the traditional Georgian style: fermented on skins in big clay amphorae known as qvevri. This gives them a lovely amber hue and brings out notes of apricots, mango, lime, orange, mint and walnuts. Kisi is often blended with other local varieties, such as Rkatsiteli, however a solo-act Kisi wine is truly gorgeous and expressive.

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