This aromatic variety from the Kakheti region of Georgia makes gorgeous flavour-packed wines, either solo or as part of the blend with Rkatsiteli. Mtsvane also makes outstanding orange wine.

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If you still think that white Georgian wine equals Rkatsiteli, it is definitely time to try something new. As much as we love a glass of fresh and crisp Rkatsiteli, why focus on just one grape when there are so many exciting white wines in Georgia? Mtsvane is definitely one of them and it even comes in six different types, each being named after its place of origin (e.g. Mtsvane Kakhuri, Mtsvane Goruli etc).

The name Mtsvane Kakhuri is translated as ‘green from Kakheti’. The grape originates from the Kakheti region in the south-eastern Georgia. This variety has a long history, in fact, it was mentioned as early as in the 5th Century AD. Mtsvane is an aromatic variety, making gorgeous flavour-packed wine, either solo or as part of the blend with Rkatsiteli. 

Ripe Mtsvane Kakhuri grapes

Aromas And Styles

When performing solo, Mtsvane bursts with aromas of ripe apple, apricot, peach and tropical fruit. Fresh minerality on the palate makes Mtsvane a great aperitif as well as a strong match to a wide range of cuisines, particularly to seafood. White wine made of Mtsvane has a vibrant acidity and a long finish.

Very often, Mtsvane is used in blends to take the flavours of wine to a new level. If you are into Georgian wine you have most likely heard of Tsinandali, a blend of Rkatsiteli and Mtsvane. The latter adds freshness to the wine, as well as brings up aromas of white peach, flowers, citrus, tropical fruit and elegant minerality.

Last but not least, some of the best Georgian orange wines are made of Mtsvane Kakhuri. When vinified in qvevri (Georgian clay amphorae) Mtsvane wine obtains a gorgeous amber colour and shows pronounced aromas of fresh and dry apricots, sweet spices and tea leaves.

Mtsvane vineyard in Kakheti, Georgia

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