The most famous expression of Mujuretuli grape is the famous Georgian wine known as Khvanchkara. This iconic naturally semi-sweet wine has gained a cult following for its elegance and its perfect balance of freshness and subtle sweetness.

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A wine that is 100% Mujuretuli is virtually impossible to find. Nevertheless, this indigenous black variety is a crucial part of Georgian winemaking as it is one of the grapes behind the iconic semi-sweet wine, Khvanchkara. This elegant wine made of late-harvested grapes  has gained a cult following in Georgia and abroad and is even believed to have been a favourite of Joseph Stalin (don’t let that put you off though).

For Khvanchkara wine, Mujuretuli grape is blended with another native variety, Aleksandrouli. In fact, the two grapes have been historically grown together and are often interplanted. Because of this, it is difficult to calculate the exact plantings of Mujuretuli, but most likely there are not more than 60 hectares of this grape in Georgia.

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Aromas And Styles

The most famous expression of Mujuretuli is Khvanchkara wine. Any sweet wine lover should add this wine to their list. It is irresistibly fragrant, with lovely notes of violets, ripe raspberries, plums and cherries. Khvanchkara’s sweetness is delicate and subtle, the vibrant acidity refreshes your palate and balances the sugar. At the same time, the velvety texture adds weight and character.

It is believed that Mujuretuli grape has the potential to produce complex dry red wine. However, due to the small plantings of this variety and its extremely low yields, we haven’t seen any dry Mujuretuli wine yet. Nevertheless, it is a very promising variety and it is definitely a grape to watch. 

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