Nicknamed as the ‘Blood of Hercules’, this popular Greek variety makes exceptional full-bodied reds. Agiorgitiko wine is gorgeously fruity and lush, with generous aromas of berries and sweet spices.

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Agiorgitiko wine is made across all of Greece. In fact, it is the most widely planted black grape in the country. However, the birthplace of this variety is in the Nemea region of Peloponnese.

This versatile grape has a very ancient history. According to the legend, when the Greek hero, Hercules, slayed the Nemean lion, he celebrated his victory with Agiorgitiko wine. In fact, in Peloponnese Agiorgitiko is even nicknamed ‘Blood of Hercules’. Another legend says that this was the favourite wine of king Agamemnon who led the Greek troops during the Trojan War.

The name ‘Agiorgitiko’ translates as ‘St. George’s grape’, possibly referring to the chapel of Saint George in Nemea. Nowadays, Agiorgitiko is also a very popular grape in Attica and Macedonia.

The legend of Agiorgitiko: Hercules slaying the Nemean lion
Ripe Agiorgitiko grapes

Aromas And Styles

Agiorgitiko wines are gorgeously fruity, with lush aromas of raspberries, blackberries and plums. These are complemented by notes of black pepper, nutmeg and cinnamon. Agiorgitiko can be made in a variety of styles, from light roses, to soft fruity reds, to complex oak-aged wines. The best examples have moderate acidity, a deep, ruby colour and pronounced fruity aromas with sweet spicy notes. With medium to high tannins, these wines show a good ageing potential. Agiorgitiko wine pairs wonderfully with roasted meats, tomato sauces, and spiced cuisines from the Middle East to India.

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