Signature black grape of Crete and the rising star of the island winemaking, Liatiko makes characterful wines with generous aromas of red berries and Asian spices.

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Liatiko is an ancient indigenous Greek variety, originating from Crete. This black grape dates as far back as 3-2nd Century BC. In fact, traces of Liatiko were found on the ancient presses discovered in the historic zone of Dafnes (Crete).

Almost forgotten in the 20th Century, Liatiko stepped out of the shadows in the last couple of decades thanks to the work of several dedicated producers from Crete. Today, with about 400 hectares of plantings, this grape is regarded as a Cretan treasure and the rising star of the island winemaking.

Ripe Liatiko grapes
Liatiko grapes at harvest time

Aromas And Styles

Liatiko grapes are rich in natural sugars, therefore they are often used for production of sweet wine. However, this unique variety really shows its best when vinified dry. The style of dry Liatiko wine can be compared to the famous reds from Piedmont. Just as their northern Italian counterparts, Liatiko wines are powerful, with plenty of weight and firm tannins. And just like Piedmontese reds, they display bright aromas of fresh and dried cherries, cranberries and hints of herbs. These are enhanced by captivating notes of Asian spices – cardamon, cumin and cloves – a signature trademark of Liatiko wine.

Full-bodied and fresh at the same time, these wines have a warm character and a distinctive, recognisable personality. Indeed, they are real gems of modern Greek winemaking. 

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