One of the most acclaimed Greek grapes, Malagousia is largely associated with the country’s wine renaissance.  Malagousia makes world-class aromatic white wines which are incredibly food friendly.

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Malagousia is an indigenous Greek white grape largely associated with the country’s wine renaissance. It is an ancient variety, supposedly originating from Central Greece. Historically Malagousia was mainly used for sweet wine production and by the 1970s, the grapes’s plantings became almost extinct. However, the variety was revived thanks to the painstaking work of university professors and some of the top growers. Today Malagousia is considered a world class grape, producing excellent dry, as well as sweet wines.

Ripe Malagousia grape
Malagousia vineyard in Greece

Aromas And Styles

Malagousia makes strikingly aromatic wine with expressive notes of peaches, apricots, blossom and aromatic herbs. On the palate it is round and rich, but always fresh, with vivid acidity which balances the sweetness of the flavours. Sweet versions of Malagousia wine are made of late harvest grapes and are even more dense and aromatic. When fermented on skins, Malagousia makes beautiful full-bodied orange wines with enchanting flavours of orange marmalade and apricot jam. Dry Malagousia is particularly food-friendly and can be matched with a variety of flavourful cuisines, such as Indian, Sri-Lancan, Thai, Korean or Chinese. It is also a great match for green vegetables. Even artichokes, which are notoriously difficult to pair with wine, create a marvelous combination with Malagousia.

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