This rare, but highly promising grape from Santorini became almost extinct and got resurrected thanks to a handful of passionate winemakers. Mavrotragano wine is rich, opulent and age-worthy.

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Mavrotragano wine is a rare find. Nevertheless, this indigenous Greek variety has an ancient history. Mavrotragano originates from Santorini. It produces small thick skinned grapes with very low yields. In the 19th century, when the phylloxera devastated European vineyards, the Santorini vines remained untouched: the pest could not survive in the sandy, volcanic soils of the island. Therefore nowadays, some of the Mavrotragano vines remain ungrafted in their natural rootstock. Histrorically Mavrotragano was mainly used for sweet wine blends. Because of this, by the 1970s, the plantings became almost extinct. A handful of passionate winemakers from Santorini, including Domaine Sigalas, saw Mavrotragano’s potential and helped resurrect this unique variety.

Ripe Mavrotragano grape
Mavrotragano: old vines on Santorini, Greece

Aromas And Styles

Mavrotragano wine is deep in colour and displays gorgeous aromas of wild berries, red cherries, violets, as well as exquisite notes of coffee, smoke and spices. These are rich, opulent wines with robust, but finely grained tannins which suggest a great ageing potential. On the palate, Mavrotragano wine often shows hints of minerality (so valued in Santorini wines!) along with plentiful flavours of fruits and spices. Mavrotragano is a highly promising variety, whose potential is still being explored. It is definitely a grape to watch… and a wine to taste!

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