This almost forgotten indigenous Greek grape, was revived thanks to the efforts of the Diamantis family from Siatista. Today, they remain the only producer making 100% Moschomavro wine –  elegant, fragrant and utterly captivating.

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Moschomavro is an extremely rare indigenous Greek grape, almost exclusively grown in the mountainous region of Siatista in western Macedonia. Historically, Moschomavro was mostly blended with Xinomavro, to boost up the sugar levels and to add complexity to the wine. As a result, Moschomavro became almost forgotten and extinct by the 1970’s.

The variety was revived thanks to the efforts of Diamantis winery, located in the Siatista region. In the 1990s, Konstantinos Diamantis and his son Dimitris, planted a small Moschomavro vineyard using some cuttings of very old vines which they discovered in Siatista. Today, there is growing interest for Moschomavro from winemakers across Greece.

Ripe Moschomavro grapes
Vineyard in northern Greece

Aromas And Styles

The name ‘Moschomavro’ is translated as ‘black Muscat’ (from ‘moschos’ – Muscat and ‘mavro’ – black).  Nevertheless, despite its name, Moschomavro is not related to the Muscat family and has its own very distinctive character. It makes wonderfully fragrant, charming, summery reds with aromas of juicy red fruits, such as raspberries and cherries, flowers and elegant notes of crushed stones. The palate of Moschomavro wine is beautifully balanced, with soft tannins, a light to medium body, fresh acidity and lively fruit flavours. Indeed, Moschomavro is a delightful wine, especially when served slightly chilled. Diamantis winery is currently the only producer making a 100% Moschomavro wine.

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