Ran by three brothers, Mylonas is a small boutique family winery in eastern Attica. They make characterful wines out of native Greek grapes, sourced from extremely low-yielding old vines. Mylonas wine range includes outstanding dry and naturally sweet wines. 

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About Mylonas

The Mylonas wine story started all the way back in 1917, when Antonis Mylonas planted the first family vineyard in eastern Attica. He later passed the torch to his son Dimitris, who expanded the vineyard and built a small winery.

Dimitris’ three sons, Antonis, Tasos and Stamatis, practically grew up amongst the vines. As children, they played with soil and grapes, learning to observe the weather and to talk to the plants.

It was only natural that all three brothers chose winemaking as their path. Stamatis and Antonis studied oenology, whereas Tasos majored in economics to run the family business.

Antonis Mylonas
Mylonas wine cellar

In 2000, after the loss of their father, the brothers took full responsibility for the family estate. Further on, they built a brand new modern winery and started bottling the estate wines under the Mylonas brand.

The estate’s 12 hectare vineyard is located in the region of Keratea, which is part of the ancient wine-growing zone of Mesogaia. This part of Greece has been famous for its wine since the time of ancient Greece and the symposiums of Plato, Socrates and Aristotle.

From Vines To Wines

Located at the altitudes of 200-350 metres above sea level, the Mylonas vineyard is protected by the Mount Panion on one side and embraced by the sea on the other side. As for the soil, it is sandy clay with a limestone background and some rocky areas. This area is historically known for its abundance of minerals which gives distinctive flavours to Mylonas wines.

The vineyard is non-irrigated and the vines are 45-50 years old, with very small yields reaching a maximum of 400 kg per hectare. Mylonas grow mostly indigenous grapes, with the white variety Savatiano taking a big part of the plantings.

Savatiano grape vine at Mylonas vineyard

The winery is well-kitted with modern equipment, however the brothers like experimenting with traditional winemaking techniques, such as amphora vinification. Throughout years of hard work of several generations of winemakers, Mylonas wine range includes outstanding characterful wines, dry and naturally sweet ones.

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