One of the most widely planted grapes in Greece, Roditis is often underestimated. However, with the right approach, it makes beautifully fresh white wines with lemon and orchard fruit flavours.

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This pink-skinned indigenous Greek grape is one of the most widely planted white varieties in Greece. Since Roditis is the grape behind many table wines, it is often underestimated and considered a ‘working horse’ of Greek winemaking. However, with the right approach in the vineyard and at the winery Roditis wine will show its true face: with layers of beautifully citrusy and mineral aromas and ample freshness. 

The biggest plantings of Roditis are found in the Peloponnese region, as well as in Thessaly, Attica and Macedonia. The grape is especially valued for its ability to maintain good acidity in hot climates, producing fresh and well-balanced white wine. Roditis is the main grape used for the white wines of the Patras appellation in northern Peloponnese.

Ripe Roditis grapes
Roditis vineyard, Peloponnese, Greece

Aromas And Styles

Roditis wines are sometimes disregarded for being too watery. However if the yields are restrained and the carefully vinified, this grape can produce charming light white wines with a perfect balance of delicate flavours and fresh acidity. A well-made Roditis wine can be delightfully fresh and summery, with aromas of lemons and orchard fruit, as well as some mineral notes. These wines make a great aperitif, as well as a perfect match for starters, salads, fish, seafood, or even roast chicken if the wine has spent some time on the lees and has more substance to it. In addition, when it comes to value, Roditis wine is hard to beat as it offers great quality at very attractive prices. 

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