This extremely rare Cycladic grape is a real undiscovered gem for any wine lover. Serifiotiko makes charmingly fragrant, mineral white wines of outstanding complexity.

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Serifiotiko is an extremely rare indigenous Greek grape, so tasting a Serifiotiko wine is a truly exciting prospect for curious oenophiles. The grape comes from the island of Serifos, hence its name, Serifiotiko. Despite its pinkish skin, this variety is used to make white wines.

Nowadays plantings of Serifiotiko are scattered across several Cycladic islands, however only a few winemakers make varietal wines of this grape. One of the most notable Serifiotiko producers, OuSyra Winery, is located on Syros, one of the Cycladic islands. Here, Serifiotiko vines are ungrafted, growing on their own rootstock. OuSyra Serifiotiko is a beautiful terroir-driven expression of this unique grape.

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Aromas And Styles

Serifiotiko is one of the most exciting Cycladic varieties, not only because of the scarcity of this grape, but also because it makes wines with real precision and complexity on the nose and on the palate. A well-made Serifiotiko wine is charmingly fragrant, with distinctive aromas of citruses and stone fruit, as well as notes of flowers and blossom. These are medium-bodied white wines with well integrated alcohol, moderate acidity and a lingering aftertaste. On the palate they often show a refreshing minerality, which comes from the proximity of vineyards to the Aegean Sea. Indeed, these wines bring memories of the seaside and a warm sea breeze.

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