This up-and-coming grape is considered the rising star of Cretan winemaking. Vidiano makes complex, full-bodied white wines with layers of aromas and a mouth-coating texture.

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Finding Vidiano wine might seem like a real challenge, as only a handful of winemakers work with this variety and a minuscule number of bottles is released annually.

This indigenous grape is native to Crete and has a very ancient history, however, as with many other Greek grapes, it became almost extinct by the end of the 20th Century. By that time, only a few Vidiano vines were left, scattered across the island. The variety was revived thanks to several enthusiastic young winemakers from Crete, who found very old self-rooted Vidiano vines in Rethimno.

Vidiano has been introduced to commercial wine production over the last decade, so winemakers are still learning how to work with this highly promising grape. While it is clear that Vidiano is capable of producing beautiful and complex white wine, its true potential is yet to be discovered. Nevertheless, this variety is is considered an emerging star of Greek winemaking.

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Aromas And Styles

Vidiano makes full-bodied white wines of striking vibrancy with layers of aromas of stone fruits, pineapples, juicy citruses and charming flowery notes, as well as hints of aromatic herbs. Vidiano complex aromatics are never overpowering, it is a wine that wins over your heart with style, bit by bit, gradually revealing its beautiful flavours. On the palate, Vidiano wines often have a rich, creamy, mouth-coating texture with a well-balanced acidity.

One of the producers who pioneered this variety in modern Greece was Douloufakis winery from Crete. Nowadays, Douloufakis Vidiano wine (Dafnios white) is one of the most acclaimed expressions of this rare grape. These are truly unique wines with a warm Cretan character paired with a striking freshness.

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