Superstar grape of Greece, Xinomavro is an incredibly versatile variety which can show many faces depending on its origins. That said, a well-crafted Xinomavro wine always has an unmistakably Greek flavour profile, along with real class and finesse. 

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Xinomavro is the king of Greek black grapes. This indigenous variety is the third most planted in the country and stands behind a big part of country’s wines, from reds to roses to sparkling. 

Xinomavro is one of the most internationally acclaimed Greek grapes, capable of producing sophisticated, refined wines of real class. Xinomavro wines are famed for their complexity and their ability to express their terroir. Indeed, these are wines with a sense of their origins. The variety is widely spread in northern parts of the country, particularly in the appellations of Naoussa, Rapsani and Goumenissa among many others.

Ripe Xinomavro grapes
Xinomavro grapes at harvest time

Aromas And Styles

Xinomavro is an incredibly versatile variety, which shows many different faces depending on where the wine comes from. That said, the best examples of Xinomavro wine are truly breathtaking. With signature aromas of dried tomatoes, olive tapenade and thyme, all wrapped around a core of cherries or strawberries, these are unmistakably Greek wines with very authentic Greek flavours.

Xinomavro wines are sometimes compared to the world famous wines of Barolo for their complex aromatics paired with robust structure on the palate. Xinomavro wine typically displays grippy tannins and quite a noticeable level of acidity, however there is usually enough body to balance it out. Just like Barolo, a good Xinomavro wine is capable of aging for decades and will evolve beautifully in the bottle, developing exquisite notes of forest floor and even truffles.

In the appellation of Goumenissa, Xinomavro is blended with the local Negoska grape for a softer and fruitier style of red.

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