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A&D LIV Vinho Verde 2022

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Liv Vinho Verde is a kind of wine which you can sip on its own, at sunset, or enjoy it at a lavish dinner party. In a word, it is versatile. Light, fresh and easy drinking it is a true crowd pleaser and exactly what you would expect of a good Vinho Verde. The wine reveals pleasant, delicate aromas of yellow apples, melon, lemon peel and nectarines. These are matched by a deliciously fruity palate with ample flavours of lemons and apples, as well as a vibrant acidity and a light pleasant fizz, typical for the appellation.

Coming from a family-run, organic winery, Liv Vinho Verde is a carefully hand crafted wine. The grapes were manually harvested and selected, followed by fermentation in stainless steel vats. Special care was taken during winemaking, minimising any intervention, with the purpose of producing a natural wine that expresses the character of the land and the grapes.

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Serve in white wine glass
Aperitif, Seafood pasta, Seafood risotto, Shellfish, Vegetable pies, Vegetable salads, White fish
Vegan, Vegetarian
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Case (6 bottles)
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