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Matic “A Love Story in Three Acts” Sipon 2023

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This is a gorgeous refreshing white wine from Slovenia's young winemaking talent, Matija Žerjav. Matic "A Love Story in Three Acts" Sipon unfolds like a tale of passion, evolving with each sip. It greets with delicious notes of lime pie and lemon peel. Nuances of meadow herbs, yellow apples and pears follow after a swirl. 

Matija Žerjav follows biodynamic principles both in the vineyard and the cellar. “We work only with what nature gives us,” says Matic, “so no chemicals in our wines.” Matic Love Story In Three Acts Sipon is made with 100% organically farmed Šipon (Furmint). The grapes were hand harvested from 43-year-old vines. Aging of six months on the lees imparts a depth of complexity, gently shaping its body to evoke the essence of a true love story. 


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Serve in white wine glass
Creamy pasta, Feta cheese, Goat's cheese, Halloumi, Lemon butter chicken, Mediterranean food, Mushroom risotto, Scallops, Seafood, Seafood pasta, Seafood risotto, Vegetable pies, Vegetable risotto, White fish
Vegan, Vegetarian
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