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Mildiani Bouquet Qvevri Rkatsiteli 2016

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Mildiani brothers were among the first modern Georgian winemakers to revert to the ancient tradition of qvevri. This orange wine is a beautiful example of this winemaking method. Qvevri are large clay amphorae; according to the tradition, in qvevri, the grape juice is fermented together with the skins. Because of this, the wine gains body, tannins and obtains an orange hue. Mildiani Bouquet Qvevri Rkatsiteli opens up with layers and layers of beautiful aromas and flavours of ripe apple, honey, orange peel, spices, apricot, almonds and nuts.

Orange wines are incredibly food-friendly and Mildiani Bouquet Qvevri Rkatsiteli is no exception. It is great with both meat and fish dishes. Also, it works wonders when paired with Middle Eastern meze, flavourful Moroccan food or Korean dishes with fermented kimchi.

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Decant for 30min - 1hr
Serve in Bordeaux glass
Cheese board, Chinese food, Korean food, Middle-Eastern meze, Moroccan food, Mushrooms, Pizza, Roast chicken, Tuna
Qvevri Wine International Competition, Gold Medal

Peter Dean, The Buyer, Top 10 Wines from 2020:
I tried the Georgian Qvevri Bouquet, Rkatsiteli, Mildiani, 2016 on a Zoom webinar tasting and promptly bought a 6-pack. Everyone I’ve shown it to has been blown away – it’s bonkers good. It’s a wine that eschews food pairing because it is so complex and complete it’s almost like a meal in itself. It’s one of five varieties (Rkatsiteli) Mildiani vinifies in a Qvevri, from the Kakheti region in the eastern part of Georgia. Deep gold, almost caramel, the nose is a fascinating mix of old orchard fruit, orange rind, spice tin (mace) and polish. The palate is mid-weight, ripe, rounded, with an oleaginous mouthfeel. The flavours are gorgeous – wild flower honey – then wet stone texture on the tongue, the wine has a massive length and bags of acidity like an aged Riesling, or cool climate Chenin. Incredible wine that takes you all over the place. In a good way.

Julia Harding, Master of Wine:

“Pale gold. Sour-fresh aroma of dried grasses. Crisp and intense citrus on the palate; very concentrated fruit. Tastes as if there is some sweetness here, though the tannins counteract that.”

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