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Mildiani Rkatsiteli Unfiltered 2021

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This full-bodied Georgian orange wine reveals multidimensional aromas of ripe apricots, honey, orange peel, walnuts, almonds and exotic spices. Fresh and well-structured on the palate, it was born to be aged. This is a wine as natural as it can be with, hence little sediment may be present.

The grapes for Mildiani Rkatsiteli Unfiltered come from old vines grown at altitudes of 700 metres above sea level in Kakheti, Georgia. The wine was crafted according to the ancient Georgian qvevri tradition. Crushed grapes put in qvevri – large clay amphorae burried undeground. The wine was wildly fermented and aged on the grapes skins in qvevri for six months. No sulphites were added.

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Decant for 30min
Serve in universal glass
Dark poultry, Halloumi, Hearty soups, Lebanese food, Meze, Middle Eastern food, Moroccan food, Pilau, Tagine
Vegan, Vegetarian
x 1 £23.95
Case (6 bottles)
x 1 £135.00

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