Pinot Noir makes some of the greatest wines in the world – from elegant, complex still to flavourful and fresh sparkling. In England, this grape is an essential part of the country’s best sparkling wines, as well as of some refined reds. 

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Pinot Noir grape originates from Burgundy where it is used to produce some of the greatest and most acclaimed wines in the world, the Burgundian reds. The name Pinot Noir translates as “black pine” – this is because the grape bunches are tightly clustered and cone-shaped.

Pinot Noir grape is notoriously sensitive to weather conditions and is rather difficult to grow, however it is known to perform better in cooler climates. This is why it became one of the three main grapes in Champagne, one of the France’s coolest wine regions, along with the other two varieties, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier. Likewise, Pinot Noir is a key variety for English sparkling wines. 

Aromas And Styles

When used in sparkling wine, Pinot Noir enhances the blend with charming notes of red berries and flowers, as well as bringing vibrant acidity, so crucial for a good fizz. Still wine made of Pinot Noirs is light to medium-bodied, fresh and full of captivating aromas of  strawberries, raspberries, loganberries, mulberries and cherries, as well as elegant notes of flowers and spices.

Pinot Noir wines are universally loved for their elegance and refinement, their subtle silky tannins and their fragrant character. With some time in bottle, Pinot Noir wine develops alluring undertones of truffles, game and leather. 

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