One of the most acclaimed and collectable white grapes in the world, Riesling is grown in many countries outside its native Germany. In Slovenia, Riesling is widely spread in Podravska region, close to the Austrian border, where it makes outstanding dry white and orange wines.

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Riesling is arguably the world’s most loved white variety. It also happens to be the only non-French “noble” grape. Truth to be told, Riesling does have some French heritage. Supposedly, long ago it derived from Gouais Blanc, an ancient French grape which is grandmother to many other grapes, such as Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc and Muscadell

Research proved that the birthplace of Riesling was the Rhine River in Germany or Alsace. And that is where the world’s most renowned Riesling wines are made nowadays. However, great examples of Riesling are produced around the world, from Australia to South America. Riesling is a very popular grape variety in Slovenia, probably due to its historical and geographical ties with Austria and Germany.


Riesling grape bunch

Aromas And Styles

Riesling is an aromatic grape which comes in a dazzling variety of styles, from bone dry to lusciously sweet. In Germany, Riesling wines are traditionally on the sweeter end of the spectrum. However, winemakers in other parts of the world, including Slovenia, favour dry Rieslings.

This unique white grape has an amazing capability to express the character of its place of origin. Therefore, it is difficult, if not impossible to describe one common style of Riesling wine. It can be lean and steely or rich and luscious, it can be bursting with tropical fruits or showing elegant nuances of green apples and blossom. 

Riesling grape at harvest time

That said, some of the typical Riesling aromas are orchard fruits, honeycomb, jasmine, lime peel, flowers, mineral notes, along with striking notes of petrol or petroleum wax.

On the palate, Riesling is vibrant and refreshing with a high level of acidity balanced by the complexity of flavours. For a white wine, Riesling is incredibly age-worthy, with best examples capable of ageing for decades in bottle.