Tempranillo is an internationally renowned black grape originating from Spain. It makes elegant, fresh, juicy wines, both red and rose, and can be an excellent base for rose sparkling wine.

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Tempranillo is the grape behind the world famous Rioja wines. Beyond Rioja, various clones of this grape are cultivated in the acclaimed region of Ribera del Duero and, indeed, across all of Spain, as well as in the neighbouring Portugal.

One of the theories suggests that Tempranillo was brought to the Iberian Peninsula by the Phoenician civilisation many centuries ago. The name ‘Tempranillo’ derives from the Spanish word ‘temprano’ – ‘early’, which refers to the fact that Tempranillo ripens several weeks earlier than most of the other Spanish grapes. It makes complex characterful wine which can age for decades. 

Ripe Tempranillo grapes
Harvested Tempranillo grapes

Aromas And Styles

Tempranillo comes in various wine styles depending on its origin and the winemaking approach. Fresh, fruit forward styles of Tempranillo are pure joy to drink. These are juicy wines with generous aromas of red fruit, such as cherries, raspberries, strawberries and red plum. Often, these notes are complemented by flavours of figs, leather and herbs, as well as some savoury character. When aged in oak, Tempranillo develops exquisite notes of tobacco, cedar wood and coffee.  

A well-crafted Tempranillo wine is full-bodied, fragrant and elegant. Besides the internationally acclaimed red wines of Rioja, Tempranillo can make excellent roses. With ample freshness and generous fruit aromas, Tempranillo can be an excellent base for rose sparkling wine.

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