Bringing you rare authentic wines from ancient wine countries. Exploring age old winemaking traditions: amphora and skin contact wines, indigenous grapes, natural wines. Discovering the most exciting emerging wine regions. Showcasing unique wines with a sense of origin.


At Wine Origins, we believe that the world of wine is much broader and more exciting than the big brands available in your nearest supermarket.

In fact, some of the most thrilling wines out there come from small artisanal producers, located in lesser known wine regions of the world.

Very often, these regions boast millennia of winemaking traditions and an array of indigenous grapes enough to fill up an encyclopedia.

Yet, many of these amazing, rare wine gems remain unknown to the wider public. 

Authentic Georgian wine made in qvevri

The world of wine remains strikingly conservative and non-diverse, with the same regions and producers showcased at most of the wine shops. To change this, we founded Wine Origins.

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We are a team of WSET-qualified wine professionals, passionate about sustainable, organically farmed, artisanal wines which truly reflect their origins: wines with a sense of place.

Our goal is to introduce UK wine aficionados to some of the most outstanding wines made from rare indigenous grapes, following traditional winemaking techniques, such as amphora winemaking, skin contact wines, and low-intervention wines.

We aim to champion the most ancient wine cultures of the world, such as Armenia, Georgia and Greece – the countries of the origins of wine. At the same time, we work to showcase some of the most promising emerging wine regions, such as England, Slovenia and Bulgaria.


Ancient Wine Regions

Wines from the world’s most ancient winemaking civilisations: Armenia, Georgia, Greece, Cyprus.

Emerging Wine Regions

Wines from the most exciting up-and-coming parts of the wine world: England, Slovenia, Bulgaria.

Amphora Wines

Deep, complex wines, vinified and aged in traditional clay amphorae, such as Georgian qvevri or Armenian karas.

Orange Wines

Gorgeously aromatic skin contact wines, made according to the ancient winemaking techniques.

Indigenous Grapes

Unique native grapes which tell the story of their origins, while offering a thrilling chance to broaden your palate by trying something new and exciting.

Small Independent Wineries

Boutique, family-owned wineries run by passionate, visionary winemakers who champion terroir-driven wines and local winemaking traditions.

Organic & Biodynamic Wines

Wines born out of love for the land and for the environment. Sustainable, organically farmed or made according to biodynamic principles.

Natural & Low-Intervention Wines

Wines made the way it was done centuries ago: natural, wildly fermented, with minimum intervention & no additives, allowing nature to take its course.


At Wine Origins, we are proud to represent some of the best and sometimes smallest independent and/or solely family run, sustainable wine producers from the most ancient, as well as from up-and-coming wine regions.

Wine directly from producers
Wine directly from producers

From England to Armenia, from Georgia to Greece, each one of our winemakers is dedicated to creating authentic wines with a real sense of origin. Some of these visionary winemakers produce only a couple of thousand bottles per year, which we buy en primeur. Other wines we buy the moment they are bottled and store them until they are ready to be released. Every bottle tells a story of the winemakers’ hard work and love for wine as an expression of their beautiful homeland. 

We work directly with the majority of our winemakers. This allows us to bring the wines straight from their cellars to yours in their best condition and at a great price. Some of the wines, we source from small certain regions specialised wine shippers who are just as passionate about championing authentic wines as we are.

We are thrilled to be this unique platform to bring everyone around the idea of exploring the undiscovered parts of the wine world. We work hard to give you not just a wider choice, but one that encompasses the essence of each region with a selection of their unique wines made from their native grapes in their best styles.

Each wine from Wine Origins range has gone through a rigorous tasting process by our team, to ensure that only the top quality juice ends up in your glass. Only a fraction of the wines we taste make it to our selection; we spit a lot so that you can sip the best.


Wine Origins tasting event

We understand that choosing a wine from a somewhat unfamiliar or lesser explored region or grape can be daunting, not to mention all the buzz that goes about ancient traditional winemaking and the various twists it has taken in the past decades. That is why we put all our efforts into telling you everything about each single bottle.

On our website and social media we share detailed stories of our wine producers, their techniques and philosophy, facts about famous and not so famous indigenous grapes and in-depth articles on the origins of our wines. We do this passionately, diligently and hopefully in an interesting way, so that you can, not only, make an informed decision, but also “feel” the wine the way we would love you to.

We organise fun and educational Tasting Events where we introduce you to our best wines and, sometimes, winemakers themselves. Either online or live, these events are guided by professional sommeliers. It is a great opportunity to immerse yourself into unique wine styles of ancient and emerging wine regions and to discover your personal favourites.

We have created our Wine Club  to help you in your journey into the Origins Of Wine. Members regularly receive carefully curated cases of top authentic wines from various parts of the world. Be our champions, join our Wine Club.

Wine Origins tasting event

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Wine Origins range of wines

We aspire to be a unique ground where UK wine-aficionados could find top wines from ancient and emerging wine regions. At the same time, we aim to bring together a community of wine lovers who are passionate about authentic, sustainable wines and are open to broadening their palates.

We welcome you as we embark on this never ending journey of bringing you what we love the most: wines that tell you the story of their origins.

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