Discover rare indigenous grapes, dive into the world’s most exciting wine regions and meet the winemakers! 

Our fun, interactive tasting events,conducted either live or online, are a great way to try a variety of amazing wines in one night, to broaden your wine horizons, to find your perfect bottle, to meet likeminded wine lovers and simply to have a great time.

Enjoy outstanding wines from world’s most exciting ancient and emerging regions, uncork new wine styles, have fun and, maybe, win more wine at our wine quiz.

All our tastings are guided by professional sommeliers, but fear not: there is nothing snobbish about Wine Origins events. We do our best to keep our wine tastings friendly and informal, while still offering plenty of food for thought for those who are into the subject. This approach allows us to curate tasting events which are fun and engaging no matter what your level of wine knowledge is.

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Bespoke Wine Tasting Events

We also offer bespoke tasting events, guided by professional sommeliers. Be it a corporate event, a friends get-together or a family reunion, our team of wine professionals will do their best to create a friendly, informal and utterly delicious experience, tailored to your needs.

Tasting price: from 29.95 pp (for a group of 10 ppl).

Tasting events

Tasting Themes

Let It Sparkle: Bubbles Tasting

Bring on the bubbles! Spoiler: do not expect your typical Prosecco or Champagne. Instead, expect to be dazzled, surprised and inspired by some outstanding sparklers from across the world, from traditional method English sparkling, gorgeously rich, yet elegant Georgian vintage sparkling to light and playful Slovenian Pet Nat.

You will taste: 6 award-winning sparkling wines. 

The Origins Of Wine: Georgia vs Armenia

Wine was first made at least 8 millennia ago on the land that is now Georgia and Armenia. Georgia boasts the most ancient wine artefact ever discovered: a clay amphora from 6,000 BC. As for Armenia, it is home to the world’s first winery (4,100 BC). Modern Georgian and Armenian winemakers craft authentic wines while preserving age-old traditions.

You will taste: 6 wines from the land of wine origins.

Around The World In Six Grapes

At Wine Origins, we are very passionate about discovering rare, indigenous grapes. Be it a long-forgotten grape found on a Greek island or a more prominent variety behind the most famous Portuguese blend – we believe that sipping through wines made of indigenous grapes is a unique chance to experience another country and “feel” its character.

You will taste: 6 unique wines from across the world.

Brave Souls Choose Orange

Orange, a.k.a. amber, a.k.a. skin contact wines – so many names and so many different opinions! Some consider orange wines too rustic and think of them as just another hipster trend. Others love the mind-blowing intensity of flavours. But very few know that orange wines are as old as winemaking itself. This ancient method dates back to 6,000 BC!

You will taste: 6 orange wines from top producers.

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